Once upon a time….

Once I decided to enter in the scientific world. At that time I just had finished my bachelor degree, travelled for a while during university, mostly for studying different things.
After diving into different subjects such as botany, genetics, organic chemistry, and cetaceans, I decided I loved insects and I was confident in getting a scholarship.
So my journey started, and at the beginning I saw everything with positive and enthusiastic eyes. The years went by, and an intellectual crisis begun, so strong that actually everything went so gray almost black to the point that I started feeling this project of life was endless, and it was stopping me of really living life, and enjoying it.
Today after 6 years I just gave in with resignation, not everything’s in my power and I just made a promise to myself: stop feeling frustrated.
From now on I’m going to keep fighting, but I’m giving more energy to other aspects of my life that are broken because of this phd dream.


5 thoughts on “Testing

  1. Dary

    Lo importante es que sigues con ello y el resentimiento no te ha ganado, si puedes con esto (y podrás), todo lo demás vendrá solo. Ya verás como todo sale bien.

  2. It’s to reflect, talking also by personal experience, how some aspects of our life’s passion (science, social justice, etc.), can also alienate us to the other aspects that make us someone’s partner, daughter, friend…but gaining awareness of this and making the effort of doing an holistic approach, give us the chance to be more relaxed and really enjoy our passions in a positive way! Reaaaaally like your blog Suri! 🙂

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