For as long as I can remember, being normal was not my goal. Always dreaming about awesomeness (like the PhD). Maybe it was not my entire idea, perhaps I’ve been influenced by social media. But what it’s true, is that normality is underrated. Sadly most of us are society dams, seeking to achieve a dream that doesn’t belong.
To this day I declare I want to be normal, have an ordinary life. ¿What’s wrong with that?
Thankfully, the nature of each person finds it’s way.

20131120-121319 p.m..jpg


One thought on “Normality

  1. I really liked your post!, I think it’s not about being normal in the social standard, I think it’s about being normal under each person’s standards, which includes, of course, some parts of the social standard, but also imprints your very unique way of being in touch with the universe, the things you care about and the firm conviction of making the best of it until the day it’s time to depart from this human dimension 🙂

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