Wishing, and hoping….and thinking and praying….

Several days ago something happened, this event, changed my point of view. We humans are so powerless, but we like to think that everything is under our control, maybe is our human ego.

Wishing this never happened

Hoping this finish soon

Thinking 24/7 about it

Praying for the best

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No gain!


No pain, no gain!

Just another quote I love! And totally true.
One of my New Years resolution is feel the pain at the gym. During the past I was lazy, and thanks to the universe I got a gym partner. This partner doesn’t let me stay at home, and at least 4 days a week we’ll come.

This is easy to say at my 4th day on the track, but screaming to the world my plan may help!

Keep on moving 😉

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Quoting Semisonic:
“Every new beginning come from such other beginning’a end”

After all, starting in a new place it wasn’t so bad. Even though I still have some unfinished business, I have a good feeling about this new phase.
When something feels hard is because it really means something and the reason is the importance. The only problem is time, when a matter lasts for so long it feels like being sick, unfinished stuff is like a bird being chained, and a bird needs to fly!

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