We have loads of them….
I understand what happens when I’m sleeping, but the ones that happen when I’m awake are the ones I’m focusing at the moment:

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Once upon a time….

Once I decided to enter in the scientific world. At that time I just had finished my bachelor degree, travelled for a while during university, mostly for studying different things.
After diving into different subjects such as botany, genetics, organic chemistry, and cetaceans, I decided I loved insects and I was confident in getting a scholarship.
So my journey started, and at the beginning I saw everything with positive and enthusiastic eyes. The years went by, and an intellectual crisis begun, so strong that actually everything went so gray almost black to the point that I started feeling this project of life was endless, and it was stopping me of really living life, and enjoying it.
Today after 6 years I just gave in with resignation, not everything’s in my power and I just made a promise to myself: stop feeling frustrated.
From now on I’m going to keep fighting, but I’m giving more energy to other aspects of my life that are broken because of this phd dream.