Autism speaks


Autism affects an estimated 70 million people worldwide, and theh chances are you know someone with autism.

Children with autism need our support, they need early diagnosis, and they also need access to services to give them a better life.

What can we do?

For every share of this video Kiehl’s is going to donate 1$ to it’s Autism Speaks campaign, making a difference for these children.



Evolution of Fall in my life


BeFunky Collage.jpg

In this Photograph composition I’m resuming a long story. The evolution of  a relationship, when it starts, and every event that follows until a family is born. These pictures are related to every fall during several years. 😉


33 years old


Last week I just turned 33 years old. I remember when every year as a child, I was so excited to have a birthday party and celebrating my birthday with all my friends and enjoying breaking my very own piñata.

But now, things have changed, no more piñata for me, hopefully I’ll be at my homeland with my twins and celebrating a mexican party for them, off course there will be cake and piñata involved!

For the moment, enjoying summer and still having several proyects on “hold” status, but the most important one still growing fast and healthy almost 8 months old.



Finally Spring


We’re so happy, because spring has finally arrived to our village. 


Lately we’ve been enjoying long walks during the afternoon and enjoying the sunny weather.


Flowers with bright colors capture my attention like this wonderful landscape.


It seems that happiness is also arriving to the village, smiling people all over as well.


Let’s enjoy it!



New proyect


We dream, we make plans, we fight. We do everything in our power to succesd in whatever we want, but destiny is something we’re not able to change.

Destiny is what happens even though we are not prepared for it!

I have a story to share, in April 2014 I found out I was pregnant. Weeks later, at a doctors appointment, my husband and I received a surprise. My pregnancy was special, we were blessed with twins. It runs in my family so it was a possibility but also a big surprise! Because a pregnancy just by itself is not enough hahaha

Everything was going on ok. I was working as usual, having a normal life, taking my vitamins, walking everyday, staying as healthy as possible! At the beginning of my second trimester the doctors saw a problem with one of the babies kidneys, so I was having one monthly ecogrpahies as a normal control. Hopeful that issue would disappear, because there was a chance, but that did not happen.

Normally a pregnancy lasts for about 40 weeks, and a twin pregnancy depends on the mothers size, the position of the twins and lots of things, but in this case the unexpected happened. On November 2nd, I started feeling funny, my husband took me to the hospital, one of the amniotic sacs had a fissure.  They took me into an intensive care unit and moved me to another city because it was very dangerous for the babies to  be born in this 32nd  week of pregnancy.  So I stayed in the hospital with a special medicine because contractions were getting stronger, and I began to bleed. On November 9th, the babies were born really fast. It took them 24 minutes at 12:21 Julia came out, and at 12:24 Marta said hello world!

Even though they were really tiny they were born fighters since the beginning. They stayed almost two months in the incubator at the CIU. Marta with a small problem in her heart and Julia because of her kidney operation.

It has been really hard for us as new parents, it’s hard to see them with tubes, and so fragile, being positive as much as you can, fighting to breastfeed it’s also another adventure.

Everyone tries to cheer you up, but until you had an experience like this you can’t imagine how does it  truly feels. So I have a new project, the best one I could have never imagined, it involves a lifetime full of love.

Everyday is an adventure and nothing is more important than them ❤️👭❤️


Julia and Marta 4 months on 9 March 2015




We have loads of them….
I understand what happens when I’m sleeping, but the ones that happen when I’m awake are the ones I’m focusing at the moment:

20140324-113932 a.m..jpg