Summer ends


     Everyone talks about time, and everyone agrees in one thing: “Time goes by so fast”. My last post was just 4 months ago, I totally failed my goal of posting every month.
Fortunately, I’ve been very busy, in this new town I’ve got the chance to start teaching English again, the City Hall lend me the place, and 24 students of various ages came to class this summer.
I’ve also been fortunate to receive family visits, because of the distance is not so easy for them to come more often, so we really value every moment of it. 🙂
In addition to those advertures, I’m still on my way to standardize my academic life, since one moves from one city to another its a bit chaotic, now the differences are enormous between two continents, so I must work very hard to validate all my entire academic life, always studying something and doing exams, after 7 years I’m not done yet, but someday I’ll get it.
The most important thing is to make a balance between family, professional life and set priorities, and always remember to thank the people who support and encourage me to keep on going, even on days I want to quit.:D

     For the moment feeling blessed and doing everything on my power to be happy.


Sunflowers, at Palencia, Spain




For as long as I can remember, being normal was not my goal. Always dreaming about awesomeness (like the PhD). Maybe it was not my entire idea, perhaps I’ve been influenced by social media. But what it’s true, is that normality is underrated. Sadly most of us are society dams, seeking to achieve a dream that doesn’t belong.
To this day I declare I want to be normal, have an ordinary life. ¿What’s wrong with that?
Thankfully, the nature of each person finds it’s way.

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