Autism speaks


Autism affects an estimated 70 million people worldwide, and theh chances are you know someone with autism.

Children with autism need our support, they need early diagnosis, and they also need access to services to give them a better life.

What can we do?

For every share of this video Kiehl’s is going to donate 1$ to it’s Autism Speaks campaign, making a difference for these children.



Evolution of Fall in my life


BeFunky Collage.jpg

In this Photograph composition I’m resuming a long story. The evolution of  a relationship, when it starts, and every event that follows until a family is born. These pictures are related to every fall during several years. 😉




Wishing, and hoping….and thinking and praying….

Several days ago something happened, this event, changed my point of view. We humans are so powerless, but we like to think that everything is under our control, maybe is our human ego.

Wishing this never happened

Hoping this finish soon

Thinking 24/7 about it

Praying for the best

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